Welcome to Dhermi

in the Ionian Riviera

Welcome to OASIS Drymades Hotel

your true oasis in Dhermi

Dhermi panoramic view

Welcome to OASIS Drymades Hotel

Dhermi panoramic view

our lovely garden

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    About OASIS Drymades Hotel and holidays in Dhermi Albania


    Your holidays in Dhermi Albania

    Welcome your holidays in Dhermi Albania. “OASIS Drymades Hotel” is a family managed hotel. It was established in May 2011 in the picturesque Dhermi (Drymades, locally) which is considered to be a top destination for your summer holidays alongside famous Ionian Riviera in Albania.  Our wish is to offer a truly beautiful environment to all of you who will chose Dhermi for spending your summer holidays.

    The hotel is very close to Drymades Grand Beach, about 250 m away. It offers  fast access to the crystal waters because it only takes 5-10 minutes walking to get there.  Also, our calm & beautiful environment in a green nature offers you all the relaxation needed.  And please remember that our premises are just beside the road and assure you quick access the center of our village, market stores, restaurants and the road network.

    Our brand new rooms are ready since 2014. They offer a comfortable accommodation to families that will spend their holidays in our village.

    Our new rooms are about 500 m distance from our main premises, and offer a panoramic view of both beach and Dhermi village.  Also, it is important that they are very close to village’s center.

    Why stay with us

    “OASIS Drymades Hotel” offers you rooms full of light, very clean and spacious, with sea view and magnificent sunrise and sunset.  In our backyard garden you will enjoy your breakfast, for a good start of your day.  Staying there in the afternoon is equally relaxing.

    holidays in dhermi albania

    Why choose us: Comfortable accommodation | Free parking | Calm environment away from noisy facilities | 24h* checkin | Spacious rooms | A/C & fridge in all rooms | Inside toilet with shower | Hot water | Big balconies | Covered outside kitchen | Just nearby available mini shops, bars, cafe shops & restaurants | Beach is 5-7min walking


    About Dhermi

    Dhermi is  one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in the Albanian coastline.  From its one side, our village stretches along a very big and magnificent beach on the southwest part of Albania, which is widely known as Ionian Riviera.  From its other side, the big natural boundary that is created by mountain Tsika (peak of Ceravnia Sierra) offers the best protection against wild winters.  It is, indeed, this combination of sea and mountain that makes Dhermi one of the most preferred touristic destinations over the last years. And it is growing up at a very fast pace.  The landscape still keeps its virgin beauty and certainly attracts the visitor.  Dhermi is geographically found just opposite Corfu (Kerkyra) Island and its three small isles Ereikousa, Othonoi and Mathraki.

    Our village is considered as a main summer destination and has been listed in the Top 10 of main international tourist guides…click here

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